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Do U-Haul trucks have GPS tracking?

Although some independent U-Haul dealers ensure their trucks have GPS tracking, over 90% of truck rental companies do not equip their vehicles with GPS tracking devices.  

This makes it the responsibility of the renter to protect the U-Haul equipment. Here are some tips to help prevent U-Haul truck theft.

  1. Keep your vehicle locked at all times
  2. Secure your vehicle with a portable car alarm system and/or steering wheel lock
  3. Keep the vehicle parked in a well-lit, easily visible area
  4. Park your vehicle near a wall to make it less accessible
  5. Check your insurance policy to see if it covers your moving vehicle. 

What is GPS truck tracking?

GPS truck tracking uses GPS technology to monitor truck locations and activities. Trucking GPS tracking systems use cellular and satellite technology to locate vehicles and assets in real time.

The valuable data from truck-tracking GPS devices lets fleet managers make strategic decisions to increase the profitability of their fleets.

GPS tracking gives truck companies accurate, real-time information on vehicle location, and whether or not a vehicle is moving. GPS tracking also helps to estimate fuel consumption and emissions levels, including other benefits. 

Learn more about commercial fleet GPS tracking and how GPS tracking works.

Benefits of tracking trucks with GPS

GPS truck tracking solutions help to improve productivity and make operations more efficient. A few of the main benefits of GPS truck tracking are:

1. Planning better routes 

GPS tracking devices help identify the best and worst roads by reviewing details from past trips. 

2. Reducing cargo theft

With GPS devices, fleet managers can track the location of all vehicles in real-time and take quick action if a vehicle deviates from its path.

3. Preventing unauthorized vehicle use

Using real-time GPS tracking and location history records, fleet managers can always tell if a vehicle is being misused for unauthorized jobs or personal use.

4. Reducing administrative burden

GPS truck tracking reduces administrative burden by eliminating paperwork and reducing the need for phone calls to drivers.

5. Getting automated, real-time alerts

Automated, real-time location alerts can help inform customers of delays and notify shippers or receivers of vehicle activity.