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What is remote fleet management?

Remote fleet management entails using innovative technologies to monitor fleet assets from a distance and remain connected with drivers and other key staff.

Remote fleet management offers these advantages:

  • Real-time receipt of relevant information. With connected technologies, you can instantly receive notifications, information, fault codes, etc. Your dashboard can also refresh and present timely updates of your fleets’ activities and conditions, enabling you to take immediate action when needed.
  • Increased fleet operations’ visibility. Remote fleet management gives you comprehensive top-level views of your fleets, which is especially helpful when managing multiple branches. You don’t need to physically go to every office to know how things are. From your dashboard, you can see consolidated reports, or summaries of all branches’ fleet performance so you can supervise closely despite the distance.
  • Eased coordination with multiple branches. Remote fleet management allows you to communicate with your personnel and delegate tasks, work orders, and others anytime. GPS tracking systems integrated into your remote fleet management solution also let you contact nearby places of interest (e.g., fuel stations, service shops, other vehicles, etc.) whenever needed.