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What is logistics fleet management?

Logistics fleet management is the supervision of interrelated processes associated with fleet asset movement and organization.

These processes include vehicle leasing, financing, licensing, maintenance, remarketing, issue management, and supply chain. It also involves managing drivers, fuel, and vehicle speed. 

Improving your logistics fleet management means boosting business productivity. Here are some strategies you can do to accomplish this:

  • Complete electronic DVIRs to reduce the chances for inspection documentation errors. It also saves drivers time and effort that they can spend on other tasks. Electronic DVIRs even eliminate the risk of losing information and ease Department of Transportation (DoT) inspectors’ access to the data anytime, leading to less downtime and greater productivity.
  • Use fleet management software to centralize all related data, and automate and speed up workflows for efficient fleet management. You can even integrate functions and technologies for increased operational visibility and seamless team coordination. You can get instant access to performance metrics to advance your fleet and avoid wasting time with manual data entry.