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What is a fleet safety management program?

The purpose of a fleet safety management program is to ensure the safety of your employees, assets, and the general public.

Your fleet safety management program needs to be continuously updated and comprehensive. It also needs to be tailor-fitted to your fleet’s dynamics and nurture a safety-first culture.

To set up and operate a fleet safety management program, you must:

Set up clearly defined safety policies and guidelines

Policies and guidelines that put safety first, build a safety-first culture.

The consequences of violating the policies and guidelines should be specified so there’s clarity and weight behind the safety management program.

Conduct employee training

While all employees need training, there’s especially a need for drivers to undergo extensive coaching since they’re more exposed to risks and road accidents. Drivers should have a firm grasp of their fleet accident management processes and driving best practices as well as know how to operate their telematics platform for a safer drive to their destination.

Establish incentive programs

With incentive programs, your employees are more likely to follow safety standards. A program can also help reduce objections you might get from employees who are reluctant to participate in a fleet safety management program.