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What is a fleet management system?

A fleet management system is a combination of SaaS and vehicle-based technology that helps boost overall fleet efficiency, compliance, and visibility. It’s a digital platform for monitoring and supervising fleet vehicles and technicians.

A fleet management system consists of these components:

  • Software. Fleet management software enables you to create and share reports, develop shipping schedules, and communicate with drivers.
  • Telematics. Combined GPS and on-board diagnostic sensors record vehicle locations, speeds, and other advanced metrics (e.g., tailgating, braking, and turns).
  • Parts management and warranty tracking. This functionality automates the tracking of replacement parts and warranties. With a streamlined inventory management process, supervising hundreds or thousands of vehicles becomes simpler.
  • Security systems. On-board security devices installed in vehicles enable you to centralize vehicle control and security management. This function is helpful for reducing speeds of stolen vehicles, for example.