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How to manage fleet vehicles

While each commercial fleet is unique, there are tried-and-true ways to manage fleet vehicles successfully.

Some of the best ways to ensure effective fleet vehicle management include:

  • Having an airtight fleet management plan. A complete fleet management plan allows you to track, assess, and optimize all aspects of your fleet vehicle operations. This includes buying the vehicles, tracking the fleet, managing costs and risks, training and appointing drivers, and running other processes efficiently.   
  • Gathering and documenting fleet data and records. Keeping fleet vehicle records helps managers measure and track your fleet performance with ease. With data, such as vehicle maintenance history, mileage, and tire pressure, you’ll get an overall picture of your vehicle’s condition. 
  • Simplifying vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Establish your cleaning and maintenance schedules so you don’t forget them. All this can be done using a fleet management tool.

Other ways to manage your fleet vehicles effectively and efficiently include hiring qualified drivers and offering them additional training when necessary. You can also use GPS software for systematic fleet tracking.