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The dual dash cam is a crucial device in logistics, providing both safety and security to drivers and fleet managers. But what exactly is a dual dash cam?

In simple terms, a dual dash cam is a video recording system that is mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a commercial vehicle. As the name suggests, it has two cameras facing in opposite directions, one pointing toward the front of the vehicle and the other
toward the driver. This allows for dual coverage of the road ahead as well as the driver and passenger cabin.

The front-facing camera captures footage of the road ahead, providing evidence in case of accidents or collisions. On the other hand, the rear-facing camera records the activities inside the cabin of the truck, such as a driver’s behavior, load conditions, and other relevant information for fleet managers.

The dual dash cam provides a sense of security knowing that there is evidence in case of accidents, and it can deter criminal activities such as theft or damage to the vehicle. Moreover, logistics companies can benefit from the data provided by the camera. It helps them monitor the behavior of their drivers, ensuring
safer driving practices, and providing insights into the causes of accidents or near-misses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, getting a dual dash cam is a good idea for any fleet. A dual dash cam records footage from both the front and interior of your commercial vehicle, providing extra protection in the event of an accident or incident. It can also help you prove your innocence if you, or one of your drivers, are wrongly accused of causing an accident. A dual dash cam is a relatively small investment that can potentially save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run.

A dual dash cam is a type of dash cam that consists of two camera units. In the Motive AI Dashcam, these cameras are located in a hardware device with one camera facing the road and the other recording the driver. Dual dash cams provide simultaneous video recording from both camera units, offering comprehensive coverage and capturing footage from multiple angles.

The Motive AI Dashcam also has modes to allow for
driver privacy.

Yes, a dual dash cam can record the driver if one of the camera units is positioned to capture the interior of the vehicle. Some dual dash cams are specifically designed with a front-facing camera for recording the road ahead and a separate camera facing the driver or inside the vehicle to monitor driver behavior, such as the Motive AI Dashcam. This allows for recording both the exterior view and the driver’s actions, which can be useful for monitoring driver performance, ensuring driver safety, or capturing evidence in case of incidents.

Yes, certain dash cams, specifically dual dash cams or multi-channel dash cams, are capable of recording both the forward and backward views simultaneously. These dash cams feature two or more camera units that can be positioned to capture different angles, such as the front and interior of the vehicle. This allows for comprehensive coverage and the ability to record footage from multiple perspectives, ensuring a more complete recording of the surroundings while driving.