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Western Express selects Motive to take its safety culture and driver training to new heights

Motive’s industry-leading AI Dashcam  is being deployed in Western Express’ fleet of over 3,600 vehicles

SAN FRANCISCO – Motive, the AI-powered Integrated Operations Platform, today announced that Western Express has chosen the company as its partner to provide fully integrated fleet management and safety solutions for its fleet of over 3,600 vehicles. Western Express will utilize Motive’s AI Dashcam to prevent more safety events, coach drivers, and gain end-to-end visibility into its fleet operations.

As a leading U.S. carrier, Western Express in Nashville aimed to enhance its premier safety program. Despite successfully deploying anti-collision systems, emerging challenges such as driver fatigue and distraction require more advanced solutions. By adopting Motive’s AI Dashcam, Western Express gains AI-driven insights and comprehensive visibility, enabling better driver coaching and safety monitoring on a unified platform to proactively address these new challenges.

“In Motive we have found a partner whose values align with our company’s core values of Be Safe, Be Driver Friendly, Think Big, Expect Excellence, and Take Care of Each Other,” said Daniel Patterson, Director of Safety at Western Express. “We’re already seeing significant improvements in keeping our drivers safe and prepared. Motive’s AI features bring our ability to alert unsafe conditions and proactively coach to a new level, keeping our drivers safer and our liability lower.”

“Western Express is known for placing the safety and well-being of their drivers at the forefront of their company values,” said Ryan Plutnicki, Chief Customer Officer at Motive. “To partner with a company like Western Express to enhance the implementation of their core values is a privilege. We’re thrilled to help them maximize their safety, productivity, and profitability and help them pass that on to their customers.”

Motive’s AI Dashcam equips Western Express with superior video quality and AI features, empowering driver coaching and enhancing safety management to prevent accidents and minimize risks. It identifies over 15 distinct safety events, tailoring AI models to meet specific customer requirements. Motive’s Safety Team ensures accurate event detection, safeguarding drivers from unwarranted penalties like false positives while recognizing and incentivizing safe driving practices.

Learn more about Motive’s all-in-one Driver Safety Solution here.

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Motive empowers the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable. For the first time ever, safety, operations and finance teams can manage their drivers, vehicles, equipment, and fleet related spend in a single system.

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