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Cascade Environmental enhances operational efficiency and improves cost management with the adoption of the Motive Card

Cascade saves 800 hours per month and enhances efficiency and fraud protection by leveraging the Motive platform

SAN FRANCISCO – Motive, the only fully unified Integrated Operations Platform for the physical economy, today announced that Cascade Environmental, the largest drilling, site characterization, and remediation contractor in the United States, is expanding its use of the Motive Platform to include the Motive Card. As the only platform combining Fleet Management and Spend Management in one solution, Motive gives Cascade’s finance team complete control of their fleet-related spend, AI-enabled tools to reduce fraud and identify wasteful transactions, and access to deep discounts on fuel, maintenance, and other business expenses.

Cascade has been a Motive customer since 2017. Now, Cascade is seeing tremendous value from bringing its fleet and spend management into a single platform, saving an estimated 800 hours per month (totaling 9,600 hours annually) in driver trip reporting mandated by the International Fuel Tax Agreement. The Motive Card unlocks additional cost savings through improved operational efficiency, as well as direct savings at the pump, on maintenance, tires, and more through the Motive Card partner network, encompassing more than 12,000 locations. 

“We have about 800 vehicles that range from traditional 18-wheelers and flatbeds to mobile rig units and smaller manager trucks. It’s a lot to manage in multiple tools, so centralizing operations for our fleet with the Motive platform has been really impactful for our business,” said Gary Crueger, chief operating officer at Cascade Environmental. “We can connect the dots with data and insights from Motive to make better and more proactive decisions about our fleet and for our drivers. We also don’t have to analyze information from multiple systems, which speeds up just about everything we do.” 

“Cascade was already using Motive’s platform to power an excellent safety program, but they knew that integrating the capabilities from Motive Card would enhance their operations even further, incorporating cost savings on multiple levels and mitigating fraud,” said Ryan Plutnicki, chief customer officer at Motive. “Now they have the ability to monitor and manage their fleet’s safety, profitability, and productivity in a single place to move their business forward.”

Operating on the Mastercard network, the Motive Card can be used for fuel, maintenance, hotels, rental cars, and other business expenses, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Features include a comprehensive nationwide discount network, AI-enabled spend monitoring, and fully customizable spend controls that allow finance teams to find the best cost savings and mitigate the impacts of fraud, all in a single place. These features give confidence to Cascade that their drivers can purchase the services and products they need anywhere they are on the road.Visit here to learn more about how this integrated approach can drive results for businesses in the physical economy. Check out how AI facilitates improvements in driver safety at Cascade Environmental here.

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Motive empowers the people who run physical operations with tools to make their work safer, more productive, and more profitable. For the first time, safety, operations, and finance teams can manage their workers, vehicles, equipment, and fleet-related spend in a single system. Motive serves more than 120,000 customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises such as Halliburton, KONE, Komatsu, NBC Universal, and Maersk across a wide range of industries including transportation and logistics, construction, energy, field service, manufacturing, agriculture, food and beverage, retail, waste services, and the public sector.

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