In a positive sign for the construction industry, 75% of U.S. metro areas added construction jobs from January 2021 to 2022, the Associated General Contractors of America says.

There’s just one problem. “Contractors recently have had more unfilled positions at the end of each month than they’ve been able to fill,” says Ken Simonson, the AGC’s chief economist, in the association’s press release.

Meanwhile, for the trucking industry to be fully productive, the American Trucking Associations says 80,000 more drivers are needed.

To overcome these challenges, commercial fleets are doing all they can to attract and retain talent. The most successful fleet recruitment efforts begin with building relationships. Fleet managers are turning to technology to work faster and smarter. Here’s how they’re doing it.

1. How to disrupt turnover?

As fleets grow, they often lose the small-business mindset that worked for them early on. Some enterprise fleets are going back to basics, and it’s paying off.

2. Using technology to attract the next generation of construction workers

Construction firms are using technology to work smarter and faster. As they set out to attract younger talent, tech is helping them do it.

3. It’s not just pay 

“Drivers are more than a driver ID,” says one recruitment professional. The key is to make them feel like it.

4. Recruitment tips to remember

Smart driver recruitment can lower turnover and improve retention. Right now, that’s exactly what commercial fleets need.

5. How to build a team that stays

Advice from the Associated General Contractors of America makes retaining employees easier.