While the majority of Americans work the normal 9-to-5 and return to the comfort of their homes each night, there is an army of three million who spend their lives on the road to keep our country moving — the truck drivers of America. Nearly everything we produce and consume was on a big rig at some point. Despite the importance of the trucking industry to our economy, the tools that truckers use to do their jobs are severely outdated. It’s time to change that.

Motive’s mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of the trucking industry by building great technology products for truck drivers.

Motive is starting with a universal problem faced by truckers every single day – tracking driving logs. Everyday, millions of truckers record their federally regulated hours of service on paper and submit them to their dispatcher via fax or mail. It has been this way for decades. We think it’s time for a better option — Motive is bringing driving logs into the mobile age.

The Motive mobile app lets drivers:

  • track their logs on their iPhone or Android device
  • get alerts when their logs have HOS violations
  • easily edit their logs to correct mistakes
  • sign and submit their logs via email or fax

But that’s not all. Dispatchers and fleet managers are required by law to collect and audit their drivers’ logs. Today, that means filing cabinets full of paper and hours spent auditing. Motive is going to change the way fleets are managed.

The Motive website lets dispatchers:

  • Save their drivers’ logs in the cloud – forever
  • Automatically audit logs for violations
  • View documents uploaded by their drivers
  • Send messages to their drivers from their computer

The Motive log tracking and fleet management service is completely free. No catch. Drivers can send as many logs as they want and dispatchers can manage as many drivers as they please — all for free.

By giving truckers a better way to track their driving logs on their smartphones, Motive is building the digital connectivity with trucking companies that will allow us to deliver even more valuable services in the future.

We are just getting started, so stay tuned!

Download the Motive Driver Logbook for Android

Download the Motive Driver Logbook for iPhone

Sign up as a Dispatcher at Motive.com.

  • The Motive Team

P.S. Thank you to Google Ventures and the rest of our investors, who share our vision for the future of America’s trucking industry. We couldn’t do this without you.