As the transportation industry deals with record inflation in fuel, maintenance, and equipment, more organizations are turning to vehicle telematics to increase safety and decrease insurance costs, which is one of the industry’s largest expenses. Commercial vehicle telematics systems can provide fleet managers with valuable data to help improve operational efficiencies and fleet safety, the latter of which includes real-time coaching with drivers on the road. Fleets with Motive dashcams and frequently-coached drivers see more than 20% fewer accidents, more than 50% fewer unsafe driving incidents, and a 4–10 times return-on-investment in the first year. 

Real-time data to help you with efficiency

In the past few decades, telematics technology has changed drastically. Staying on the leading edge of new telematics features has proven to be a significant competitive advantage. Tracking data now includes: 

To help drive safety and lower costs through telematics, Motive and Sentry Insurance have partnered to incentivize customers with lower insurance premiums. Customers who use Motive’s Driver Safety Solution can see insurance premium savings of up to 5% when they share their Vehicle Gateway captured telematics data with Sentry.

“Up front, our customers save money on their premiums,” said Nick Saeger, Associate Vice President of Products & Pricing for Sentry. “Long-term, the data we gather through Motive will help us bolster our safety programs and in-house claims service even further. Telematics data could also serve as the next pricing frontier.”

“Businesses are turning to Motive to help decrease accidents, reduce insurance costs, and increase its Compliance, Safety and Accountability score,” said Drew Quinlan, Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships at Motive. “By bringing the most accurate AI dash cam in the industry together with Sentry’s leading insurance for commercial fleets, we have a unique opportunity to help turn driving data into actionable insights that protect drivers and the business’s bottom line while delivering on our commitment to make roads safer for everyone.” 

“Harnessing telematics and safety data has vast potential,” Saeger continued. “More than a quarter of Sentry customers already have Motive in their fleets.”

For more information about Sentry and how to enroll, visit here. Learn more about the Sentry and Motive partnership here.