All ELD providers say that they have accurate GPS tracking, but what does this really mean? Typically, this means that a location point is created every couple of minutes. The result is a location trail that jumps during turns and doesn’t follow the road all the time.

We wanted to change this and redefine what accurate GPS tracking should be.

Improved location collection

Instead of collecting location points every 2 minutes, or even one minute, we wanted to push the boundaries by collecting GPS data every 30 seconds.

This was not enough though, because we realized that time isn’t the most reliable metric for what is happening real-time on the road. Truckers know — better than most — that things can change very quickly. If a truck turns onto a road before the time triggers an event, the turn is completely missed.

To solve that problem, Motive now collects GPS points based on changes in speed and bearing, so you will never have to worry about the location trail jumping again!

Redesigning location history

Another major complaint in the industry is the lack of an efficient way to view the location history of a vehicle. Most systems are clumsy, hard to use, or don’t show you valuable insights.

We decided to completely redesign Location History so that you can find exactly what you need, without wasting time.

New features include:

  • Accessible time slider to the bottom
  • Clearly defined driving events with a bold outline in green
  • More easily discoverable critical events
  • Direction arrows for the vehicle’s course at each driving event

Everything you need can be found in the new and more intuitive Location History Experience.

A bird’s eye view

We have heard countless times from fleet managers about how hard it is to track your fleet, even with GPS tracking. You don’t want to sift through logs or go into each vehicle’s profile to figure out where each truck is.

We have overhauled the Vehicles Tab and redefined what it means to keep track of your fleet. You can now get a high-level view of exactly where your fleet’s vehicles are located across the country. You can see where your vehicles are going, whether they are moving or idling, and which ones are in the same area.

All that you need is one map to give you a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet!

Is my vehicle moving?

This is what most fleet managers want to know — whether a vehicle is moving or not. But constantly refreshing the page to find that out is tiresome and inefficient.

At Motive, we understand what our customers want and what would make their life easier. Therefore, we have added the ability for the icon to follow the vehicle in real-time. This means that you don’t have to hit refresh anymore. Just sit back and watch the vehicles move within the Motive Dashboard.

Fleet GPS tracking with Motive

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