Our #1 priority at Motive is to make sure that all of our customers are compliant—but many of our customers didn’t expect that their life on the road would also become much easier with the Motive ELD on their dash.

When it comes to roadside inspections and audits, the Motive ELD eliminates stress, and it’s the easiest way to ensure that inspections go smoothly.

There are two situations when drivers may need to submit ELD data to an officer: during a roadside or weigh station inspection.

In either situation, drivers must send an output file containing the past 7 days and the current day of ELD data to an officer if they ask for it. Our DOT Inspection Mode has a built-in one-step process that makes it easy to transfer an output file directly to an officer. Thousands of output files have already been sent successfully through the Motive App!

During an audit, you will also need to submit output files, except the back office must be able to complete this through the dashboard. Auditors are trained to look for this when they are completing an audit, and fleets must be able to transfer up to 6 months of ELD data for any subset of drivers, vehicles, and time.

The Motive Dashboard Output File Transfer is easy to use and helps you stay in compliance by sending the output file, along with a confirmation email that flags any issues that may have occurred during the transfer.

By highlighting small errors that could appear in the output file, you can quickly resolve them before they get to a DOT auditor. Rather than calling each driver and having them send each output file through their phone, you can do it all through the dashboard in a matter of seconds!

Our 24/7 support team is here to help, anytime, day or night, to answer any questions or help you through any issues that may arise during an audit or inspection. If you get a wrongful citation during either circumstance, you can reach out to compliance@gomotive.com to get help in resolving the misunderstanding.

We know that compliance is top-of-mind for all truckers and fleets, especially since the April 1 enforcement deadline has passed. We are constantly working with the FMCSA to resolve minor technical issues and improve our product to make your life easier during inspections. To ensure you get the latest information about our ELD, we also updated the ELD Manual on the FMCSA website.

Do you have any compliance questions for us? Our 24/7 support team can be reached at 1-855-434-3465.