As a fleet manager or dispatcher, you probably encounter multiple speed bumps throughout your week. Imagine your driver telling you that they’ve been waiting several hours to load up at the pickup facility, and are going to have to wait for their hours to reset before they can continue on to the destination facility. They’ll miss the original drop-off appointment, potentially resulting in even further delays. You’re left trying to reschedule appointments and recoup detention payouts from the shipper.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The FMCSA estimates that detention time costs trucking companies more than $3 billion per year.1 When volume surges and capacity tightens, reducing dwell time can result in additional revenue of over $1,400 per week per driver.2 

When we announced our vision for the future of freight, we committed to creating products that help reduce dwell time and allow trucking companies to make more informed decisions about the shippers they frequent. We are excited to announce that Facility Insights is now available to all Motive Pro and Enterprise customers.*

Learn from our network 

The trucks that use Motive ELDs or Vehicle Gateways stop at every major shipping facility in America. Facility Insights pairs a robust library of geofenced facilities (60,000 and counting) with real-time GPS location data to determine when trucks arrive at a facility, when they leave, and how long they dwelled in between. The average dwell times displayed in Facility Insights reflect data from 6.7 million unique visits in just the last six months. Accurate information, at this scale, will empower carriers to make truly data-driven decisions about the shippers they work with to reduce dwell time and maximize their drivers’ HOS.

Maximize driver hours

Before accepting and dispatching a load, you can now search for the warehouse address to view the average truck dwell times by the time of arrival. 

Map data ©2019 Google, Imagery, Maxar Technologies

Easily see busy periods to avoid and optimize your pickup and drop-off times to minimize delays and detention. More efficient loading and unloading means your drivers can spend more of their available hours on the road. The result? More on-time shipments, happier customers, and more engaged drivers. 

Build a smarter more efficient fleet

Facility Insights is a leap forward for the trucking industry, and this is just the beginning. Our team is adding more facilities by the day to make sure we cover facilities that you’re interested in. While other solutions rely exclusively on subjective, crowdsourced feedback, Facility Insights uses quantitative data from Motive’s vast network of connected trucks. Soon, we’ll introduce the ability for drivers to submit reviews, giving you even more insight into available amenities and what to expect at a facility. 

This first-of-its-kind product is another example of Motive enabling businesses like yours to make data-driven decisions that not only grow your business but make it smarter, safer, more efficient, and more reliable. Learn more about the Motive Facility Insights.

Get started today

Motive Facility Insights is now available for customers on the Motive Pro and Enterprise Plans.* Customers who are currently on the Motive Starter Plan can only access Facility Insights by upgrading to Pro. If you aren’t sure which plan you’re on or want to find out about upgrading, call us at 844-325-9230.

If you are not yet a Motive customer, keep in mind that Facility Insights is just one of several powerful features in our Pro plan that can help your business be more efficient. The Pro plan is a comprehensive fleet management solution with features fleets love, such as automated IFTA fuel tax reporting, idle-time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver scorecards, and more. To learn more, email or call 844-325-9230.

*Facility Insights is also available to all customers on the legacy Motive Plus plan.