The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced details of the annual International Roadcheck 2018, which will take place from June 5 to June 7.

The CVSA’s International Roadcheck is a three-day inspection event that happens across North America. According to the CVSA, during the 72-hour period, an average of 15 vehicles are inspected every minute.

The focus of International Roadcheck 2018

Although inspectors generally conduct Level-1 inspections, each year the CVSA also puts extra emphasis on specific aspects.

In 2016, the special focus was on tires. In 2017, the focus was on cargo securement.

This year, the focus is going to be on hours-of-service compliance.

According to the CVSA President Capt. Christopher Turner of the Kansas Highway Patrol, “The top reason drivers were placed out of service during 2017 International Roadcheck was for hours-of-service violations.”

He also added, “Although the electronic logging device rule that went into effect on Dec. 18 does not change any of the underlying hours-of-service rules or exceptions, the ELD mandate placed a spotlight on hours-of-service compliance. We thought this year would be a perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of the hours-of-service regulations.”

Level-1 inspections

As mentioned earlier, inspectors will perform full Level-1 inspections, so drivers must prepare for that. Along with a strong emphasis on hours-of-service compliance.

Level-1 inspections are the most thorough. A Level-1 inspection is a 37-step procedure which includes an examination of vehicle-related violations as well as driver compliance and driver-related violations.

Driver inspection includes:

  • Commercial driver license (CDL)
  • Hours-of-Service (HOS) compliance
  • Medical examiner’s certificate
  • Possible alcohol and drug use
  • Records of duty status (RODS) compliance
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Skill performance evaluation (SPE) certificate

On the other hand, vehicle inspection includes:

  • Braking, electrical, exhaust, and fuel systems
  • Cargo securement, hazardous material, and cargo tank specification compliance
  • Coupling and lighting device operations
  • Driveline/driveshafts and steering mechanisms
  • Emergency exit and windshield wiper operations
  • Open-top trailer and van bodies
  • Suspension, hub, rim, tire, and wheel assemblies

What happened during International Roadcheck 2017?

During last year’s International Roadcheck, 62,013 vehicles were inspected (Level I, Level II, and Level III inspections). The breakdown is given below:

  • Level 1 inspections = 40,944
  • Level 2 inspections = 12,787
  • Level 3 inspections = 8,282

7,713 inspections happened in Canada, while 54,300 inspections happened in the United States of America.

Cargo securement violations — which was the focus of International Roadcheck 2017 — were responsible for a total of 15.7% of all the vehicle violations that resulted in the CMVs being placed out of service.

For vehicle violations, the top 3 categories that led to CMVs being placed out-of-service were:

  • Braking systems (26.9%)
  • Cargo securement (15.7%)
  • Tire/wheel assemblies (15.1%)

For driver violations, the top 3 categories were:

  • Hours-of-service (32.3%)
  • Wrong license class (14.9%)
  • Falsified log books (11.3%)

For more details about last year’s results, read the following blogs:

What’s next?

As full enforcement has begun on April 1, the upcoming CVSA International Roadcheck 2018, with a special focus on hours-of-service compliance, demands that drivers are fully prepared.

Make sure that you have an FMCSA-registered ELD solution and are complying with the hours-of-service regulations.

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