Two barriers have led to the driver shortage:

  1. Lack of awareness among the unemployed regarding trucking industry opportunities.
  2. Cost/access to appropriate driver training.

These two barriers have resulted in a limited pool of drivers, many of whom are insufficiently qualified.

Veterans are a great solution to the employment gap

In response to the shortage, the ATA has provided fleets with a driver recruitment solution, military veterans. Veterans tend to be younger, healthier, and more self-disciplined because of their military training. These qualities have resulted in higher retention rates, better CSA scores, a healthier workforce, and lower turnover rates.

What is training military veterans for commercial driving going to cost me?

Veteran services and the DMV have adopted laws that waive the CDL skills test for qualified military veterans. Veterans can also apply their GI benefits to the cost of training school.

What is FastPort and how can they help with veteran recruitment?

The ATA partnered with FastPort, a driver recruitment agency, to host the Hiring Our Heroes campaign. This free program allows you to post job listings based on geographic and qualification requirements, and filter drivers based on license type, expected pay, and company benefits.

The Hiring Our Heroes campaign provides access to drivers who are well qualified and familiar with trucking industry expectations. This means low turnover rates for your carrier and a high-caliber selection pool for your employment needs.

America loves veterans so let’s show our appreciation

ATA President, Bill Graves, was right when he said, “There’s no higher calling for an American than to serve in our armed forces, and I’d like to think that driving a truck – delivering America’s most essential goods safely and efficiently is also a high calling.” The trucking industry has served America’s needs for decades, and to ensure that we continue to employ high-quality drivers, hiring veterans is a great solution.