Keeping track of a fleet 24/7 is a big job. You want to be able to grow your company and serve your customers, which requires visibility into what’s happening out in the field. Access to real-time information across your drivers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment is mission-critical to your success.

That’s why we built a powerful way to give you command-center visibility across your entire fleet’s daily operations. Today, we’re excited to announce a completely new integrated GPS fleet tracking experience—designed to help you operate more efficiently to save time, reduce costs, and make more informed business decisions.

What’s new? Better question — what isn’t?

Our comprehensive GPS tracking technology brings everything your fleet does in a day into one place—in one view, on one map—so you have all the information you need to safely and efficiently run your business.

Now fleets can maximize productivity, improve customer service, and make better data-driven decisions about where to go next across the three core areas that power our best-in-class GPS tracking portfolio.

  1. Fleet View— an integrated, advanced map with live tracking.
  2. Fleet App— a powerful new companion app for fleet managers, available for iOS or Android devices.
  3. Trailer and Equipment Tracking —a smart suite of new tracking features.

1. Fleet View: all-in-one GPS tracking

Welcome to Fleet View—your fleet’s new all-in-one command center. This new live map combines your driver, vehicle, equipment, and trailer information—including compliance and safety data—all in one place to give you complete command-center visibility into your daily operations. See where your fleet is, follow where your fleet’s been, and unlock performance efficiencies to better serve your customers. 

In this enhanced map view, now you have all the information you need to make better operational decisions, like:

  • Current vehicle status, whether driving, idling, or engine off
  • A real-time weather map filter, plus a traffic and satellite layer—to keep routes optimized and drivers safe
  • Reported vehicle health and maintenance issues to avoid downtime
  • Daily activity from drivers—with visuals from our AI-powered Smart Dashcam to see if they’re being safe
  • Hours of Service (HOS) information—to ensure drivers can reach the next destination without running out of time and detect when they’re approaching HOS and ELD violations with color-coded clocks

Here’s what you can do with this visibility:

  • Track your fleet in real-time and make better decisions: in Follow Mode, you can literally follow your vehicle’s live location turn-by-turn. Our advanced technology sends real-time GPS updates as fast as every 2 seconds.
  • Share your fleet’s location to improve customer satisfaction: many of our customers work with third parties or internal stakeholders who need visibility into the location of vehicles or cargo in motion. Rather than playing an endless game of phone tag, you can simply share an expiring link to the vehicle’s live location and ETA, saving time and money, improving coordination between different stakeholders, and strengthening relationships. Bonus feature—customers can even control exactly how their data is shared.
  • Dispatch faster: with Proximity Search, now you can quickly search an address or directly click a location on the map to find the closest nearby drivers to your pick up location. Reduce the cost per stop and increase revenue margins by completing more jobs per day with newly optimized routes.
  • Watch and learn: see where drivers spend their time, verify payroll with automatic stop locations, and improve billing and claim adjusting, plus confirm drivers are being safe with interactive location history.

2. Fleet App: your fleet at your fingertips

Your fleet never stops, so why should you? Get 24/7 visibility whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go with the powerful new mobile Motive Fleet App available for iOS and Android.

Our companion app allows you to track your fleet directly from your mobile device—whether you’re out in the field, working from home, or at a warehouse in a remote location. Manage your fleet at any time, from anywhere for peace of mind that your operations are running smoothly.

With the new Motive Fleet App you can:

  • Streamline driver communication: text, email, or call your drivers directly in the app
  • Monitor driver & vehicle details: view vehicle locations, monitor driver HOS, speeding, and see fault codes to minimize any vehicle downtime or unsafe behavior
  • Better understand fleet activity: check if vehicles are moving on weekends—or after hours, when they shouldn’t be

Convenience is key for our customers. Now all the same powerful functionality from your Motive Fleet Dashboard is available in a user-friendly app so managers-on-the-move can run their business from anywhere.

3. Maximize your fleet’s productivity with new trailer and equipment tracking

Bringing everything your fleet does into one place across all your fleet’s assets is key to maximizing utilization and productivity. Now, you can track your trailers and equipment on the same integrated map as your vehicles and drivers with our comprehensive new GPS tracking enhancements.

All this is made possible thanks to location-based insights and automated reporting from our solar-powered Asset Gateway. With an installation that takes approximately five minutes and requires no mechanic—and thanks to GPS pings every 1 minute when in motion—now you can easily gain the visibility you need to determine where your assets are located, how they’re being used, and if you’re getting the most out of your fleet’s investments.

What else can you do with this advanced visibility? 

  • Level-up your fleet’s productivity: quickly identify underutilized or dormant trailers and equipment and start collecting cash instead of dust. Plus, stay more organized by grouping assets according to type, job function, and location while automatically calculating detention times and simplify invoicing with new geofence or dormancy reports.
  • Get instant alerts: instantly detect theft or unauthorized use of your trailers or equipment with geofences. These real-time alerts also help you stay on top of resource allocation and billing by notifying you when your fleet enters or exits your yard or a client facility.
  • Find what you’re looking for faster: inventory reports help you locate lost assets in the field, and eliminate time-consuming yard-checks. Real-time status updates help you see whether your assets and vehicles are in your yard or at other third party facilities.
  • Simplify dispatch with integrations: enable tracking for freight visibility, TMS integrations, or other custom use-cases through our Asset Gateway API. This means you can eliminate manual check-in calls and get a single source of data across all of your fleet’s assets to dispatch faster and complete more jobs.
  • Minimize downtime: track engine hours of your equipment like cranes and bulldozers for preventative maintenance scheduling and accurate customer billing.

Keep your entire fleet moving and profitable with rich insights from our Asset Gateway.

The road ahead

Motive is excited to help our customers stay on top of daily fleet operations from anywhere—with best-in-class GPS tracking for vehicles, trailers, and equipment—all in one place.

To learn more about our integrated GPS tracking, request a demo.

To download the Fleet App: visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store.