Peter Drucker, the “Father of Modern Management,” once said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” For fleet managers, finding the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness can be quite a juggling act, especially in large businesses that manage hundreds of vehicles and drivers. And nothing impairs productivity more than manual tasks, inefficient communication, and complex workflows for drivers. 

That’s why we’re proud to announce the Motive Driver Hub, a fully customizable experience in the Motive Driver App. 

With Driver Hub, fleet admins can customize experiences based on driver type or group, which provides everyone in the field with a personalized experience tailored to their specific job. To make your customizations quick and easy, Driver Hub offers a no-code environment and customizable templates using a simple drag-and-drop interface. This capability will be available for Enterprise plan customers. 

Once the template is created, you can release changes to all drivers with no delay. This enables fleet admins to automate processes and reduce manual tasks such as checking reports, calling drivers, or making corrections. 

Drivers can now simplify daily tasks by viewing all important items in one place and with fewer clicks. It’s easier than ever to understand key actions to complete or issues to resolve, so drivers can focus on what’s important and complete their work faster. 

Below are key elements that we developed with drivers’ interests in mind:

Access tools more quickly, all from one place. Quick links on the home screen provide drivers with instant access to messages, support, call a contact, documents, and logs. A driver can also switch to inspection mode, engage team driving, and connect to a vehicle.

View prioritized tasks and complete workflows quickly. Prioritize tasks to complete and help drivers kick off workflows faster than ever. Easily customize tasks such as safety, maintenance, compliance, messages, dispatch, and app links.

Ensure compliance and vehicle connection. For businesses with compliance requirements, drivers can still manage Hours of Service (HOS) through the Motive Driver App. The compliance toolbox shows an HOS timer that simplifies the cycle’s rules into a single countdown timer so drivers know when they need to take a break, when their shift is complete, or when their cycle reset is done. 

“The new Driver Hub is another example of Motive listening and responding to our needs and the needs of our drivers. The customizable experience for different types of drivers within our fleet is very valuable. Larger buttons, easier accessibility and just the ease of use for us to design and change makes this a fantastic tool for fleet managers and drivers alike!”

– Piper Titus, CFO, Page Transportation

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