ARL Transport, a Pennsylvania-based intermodal transportation company with 42 terminal locations across the U.S., was an early ELD adopter.

We spoke to Tom, ARL’s IT director and Ben, IFTA manager. They explained that many of their drivers were already using the Motive App, which made the switch to Motive easier.

Today, ARL Transport is utilizing Motive’s all-in-one fleet management solution across its large fleet of 550 trucks. As the company focuses heavily on driver safety, many of its vehicles are also equipped with the Motive Smart Dashcam.

Trucking ahead with Motive

After deciding to get a head start on ELD implementation, ARL leadership faced its first big task: choosing an ELD provider. Instead of simply choosing a company, they looked to their fleet of owner-operator drivers for some guidance.

Many of ARL’s owner-operators were already using the free Motive App. Switching the entire fleet over to Motive made total sense for ARL. Motive’s quick hardware installs and reliability meant ARL could get the entire fleet up and running quickly on a system they could trust.

Fast forward to 2019, and ARL has 600 active ELDs and 190 Smart Dashcams. They are planning to expand the Smart Dashcam to the entire fleet.

“The Smart Dashcam is going to be a big thing for 2019. We would like to get everybody on it,” Tom told us.

With the Motive fleet management software and the Smart Dashcam, ARL Transport has successfully established a fully connected platform for compliance, safety, and more.

‘Motive’s Smart Dashcam helped build our unique safety culture’

“When Motive introduced the Smart Dashcam, we jumped at the opportunity to become one of their first clients to leverage the technology to build our unique safety culture,” Tom added.

“As our relationship with Motive deepens, we look forward to contributing to the development of industry-leading technology and continuing to be a trailblazer in building a modern fleet.”

The Smart Dashcam, along with the safety features in the Motive fleet management platform, has provided ARL Transport visibility into its operations and driver habits.

“We are excited to get more data, and we want to use it as a teaching tool.”

Apart from helping ARL executives exonerate drivers, this visibility is also allowing them to identify their best drivers and reward them.

“We want to start rewarding drivers for safe driving,” says Tom. He further adds, “You always hear about the bad drivers. We want to start a program to give our best drivers certificates, cash, or gift cards for driving safely.”

Sharing their plans for the future, Tom said, “We would like to be 100% on the Smart Dashcam system. It just makes sense. There is no reason not to do it.”

What ARL finds valuable about Motive

ARL executives knew that Motive would ensure compliance, safety, and transparent communication between managers and drivers. This, in turn, keeps drivers happy and may help reduce driver turnover.

When they first signed up, Tom said they didn’t realize how involved Motive would be every step of the way. He recalled, “At every opportunity, Motive listened to our needs and even implemented some of our ideas into their feature tracking tools. Our fleet prides itself on staying ahead of the curve with fleet management solutions, and using Motive’s products and services ensures our drivers have access to intuitive, modern, and reliable fleet technology.”

From dispatching, driver coaching, and automating quarterly IFTA reporting, the Motive Dashboard plays a crucial role in helping ARL’s team of owner-operators be successful.