If you are struggling with your ELD provider’s poor customer support and connectivity issues, it’s time to switch to a more reliable ELD and fleet management solution.

Many drivers and fleet managers in the industry are frustrated—and for good reasons.

The main concerns?

  • Hard-to-reach customer support that isn’t available 24/7
  • Simple tasks are complex and time-consuming.
  • Drivers are struggling to adopt glitchy, unreliable technology.

While many ELDs perform similar functions, all ELDs are not created equally. The user experience, quality of support, and “under the hood” engineering make a massive difference in the success—or failure—of your compliance efforts.

Here are 4 signs that you may not be getting a high ROI on your fleet management software.

1. You can’t reach expert customer support 24/7

Are you struggling to get ahold of customer support? Not being able to get in touch with a real person may impact your bottom line and efficiency for your business. If your drivers are stuck on the road, for example, it’s wasted time — time they could be spent driving.

If you are able to reach a rep, are they well-trained, helpful and respectful, or do they blame everything on “user error?”

If any of this sounds familiar, it should be considered a major red flag.

An understaffed and undereducated support organization is often a symptom of broader issues, such as:

  • A flawed, buggy product that leads to a higher call volume
  • A poor internal understanding of the product they offer and the market they serve
  • A higher emphasis on sales than customer success

Think of your fleet management solution as an extension of your company and team. Reliable customer support means fleet managers won’t get calls from drivers all day (and possibly in the middle of the night). If they can’t get the help they need when they need it, they’re stuck in a tough position.

Keep driving and risk costly violations, or sit around and wait for the support rep to respond?

Either way, this causes frustration and severely impacts their experience. Every minute spent on hold is one not spent on your customers. You deliver top-notch service, so shouldn’t your ELD and fleet management software provider be held to the same standard?

Here is what Holly and Joe Mrazik had to say about customer service when they switched from Omnitracs to Motive:

“We are so used to being put on hold for thirty to forty minutes when trying to get support in the past. So we were amazed by how quickly we got to talk to a person who actually knew what they were talking about. We love the customer support.”

Eric Stallings, Safety Manager at Sierra Mountain Express, says that Motive’s support is “100x better.” He adds, “In the past, we had limited hours and had to wait 30 minutes to speak to a person. With Motive, the support is 24/7. We simply call in, hit 2, and immediately get on the line with a rep.”

2. Your drivers are complaining

A constant stream of driver complaints speaks to not only issues with the software, but also to their overall level of happiness. Frustrated drivers who don’t feel supported may look for work elsewhere, costing your company time and money in driver turnover.

If your drivers report any of the below issues, you should have serious cause for concern:

  • The application keeps freezing, and the “fix” from the provider is to re-install it.
  • Duty statuses change incorrectly and at times modify the previous day’s statuses overnight.
  • Issues or inconsistencies with the Bluetooth or cellular connection.

Your success with any technology is predicated on your team’s ability to use it. Therefore, in the ELD mandate era, your compliance is dependent on the ease-of-use and reliability of your ELD.

“Our drivers like the Motive system a lot better. Our old ELD kept kicking the drivers out and causing frustration. Motive has been a lot simpler for them to use.” — Matt Myers, Fleet Supervisor at CSX.

3. Back office tasks are complex and time-consuming

With many fleet management software solutions, simple tasks are overly complicated and time-consuming. The following tasks shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. If it does, you’re spending way too much time on it.

  • Locating a driver’s logs for a previous day
  • Finding a drivers available drive time for the day and week
  • Pulling a list of every HOS and DVIR violation for a specified timeframe

The Motive fleet management solution is exceptionally intuitive and easy-to-navigate. According to an independent study that compared Motive with 6 ELD providers, Motive’s well-designed interface improves productivity by up to 50%. Completing IFTA reports and DVIRs is 20-50% faster than other fleet management solutions on the market. This may result in savings of up to $30,000.

Your time is better spent growing your business and providing better value to your customers.

“Motive is easy to implement, easy to use, and has made something that we thought would be difficult simple and pleasant.” — Rick Roache, Safety and Compliance Manager, DDI Transportation.

4. Adding extra modern functionalities is always a challenge

Some providers have been around for decades.

A positive, right? Not always.

The problem is that their platforms were built for the old AOBRD/EOBR requirements. The technical specifications of the ELD mandate are more advanced. Adding extra functionality is a significant engineering challenge that many have struggled with, degrading the user experience and putting compliance at-risk.

For more information, read why carriers are leaving legacy, proprietary ELDs.

Motive, on the other hand, is an intuitive, modern solution that is easy to scale with. Moreover, with the Motive App Marketplace, our industry-leading third-party integrations can help any fleet to improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability.

We understand that every fleet may have different requirements, and our platform accommodates it perfectly. With the Motive App Marketplace, you can customize your fleet management solution to fit your needs.

What happy customers had to say about switching to Motive

Ready to switch?

Transitioning to Motive is easy and straightforward, and we’re ready to help you through every step. Klapec switched its entire fleet to Motive in three days.

Here’s what Greg Lander, the Vice President of Klapec, said about the transition:

“We were very nervous about switching our entire fleet over from removing our old units and installing our new Motive ELDs to retraining drivers and staff. But the entire transition was very smooth. It was fast and worked well.”

Why you should consider Motive:

  1. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and have a 94% phone pickup rate. Here’s how you can reach us: 855-434-3564.
  2. Motive is easy to use and reliable. Read 5-star reviews from customers who use our app.
  3. Transparent pricing with no hidden charges.
  4. The Motive Fleet Manager Dashboard is the most intuitive in the industry. Create a free account today.

If you have any questions, call 855-434-3564 or email at support@gomotive.com.