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Vehicle Gateway

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Vehicle Gateway

The Motive Vehicle Gateway uses built-in cellular connectivity to continuously sync driver and vehicle data with the Motive Driver App and Fleet Dashboard. This allows for live GPS tracking, real-time maintenance monitoring, and up-to-date compliance records.

Follow your crew as they move down the road with live updates up to every two seconds. GNSS location support built-in.

Combine video from the AI Smart Dashcam and telematics data to get a complete picture of what’s happening on the road.

Capture and store speed, fuel, fault codes, barometric pressure, battery voltage, coolant temp, engine intake temp, engine load, and more, to the Motive platform.

Up to 4 months of data stored locally. All data traffic encrypted to the cloud. Access data from anywhere throughout the Motive platform.

Asset Gateway

The Motive Asset Gateway provides real-time visibility into the location of your trailers and equipment.

Motion sensor, battery levels, speed, altitude, location, and heading are captured through the Asset Gateway, giving you the ability to build utilization and dormancy reports in the Motive dashboard.

Create groups of drivers, vehicles, and trailers and view groups in reports and on the map. Vehicles and trailers with Motive devices will automatically pair together based on the proximity of the devices and the duration of the proximity.

Receive alerts for assets including geofences, dormancy, low battery, and offline devices.

Flexible powering options to fit your business needs with the ability to maximize battery life by changing the ping rate of the device. Up to 6 weeks of log data are stored on the device when your work takes you to more remote locations.

Monitor multiple zones and remotely control your Thermo King refrigeration units through our Asset Gateway.

AI-Powered Dashcams

Motive has the fastest, most accurate AI Dashcam among leading providers. Motive technology detects unsafe driving behaviors and alerts drivers the instant they exhibit at-risk behavior.

Quad HD (QHD) video is uploaded automatically to help safety departments coach and exonerate drivers.

Our advanced AI detection models instantly recognize unsafe actions like cell phone use and close following. Audio and visual alerts remind drivers to improve in real time.

With the push of a button, drivers can record any notable event they see. Encourage drivers to share video clips directly with your safety team.

With a resolution of up to 1440p, Motive offers the best image quality in the industry. Our dashcams don’t miss a single detail.

Access dashcam footage from the last 68 to 104 hours to learn what happened. Get up to 60 minutes of HD footage with every request. Use video clips to prove drivers’ innocence and avoid liability.

Use live streaming to onboard new drivers, perform virtual ride-alongs, and provide remote training. You can even troubleshoot issues live.

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