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Heritage-Crystal Clean reduced compliance violations by 25%.

How a 1,000-vehicle fleet simplified compliance for its drivers and managers.

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Commercial fleets save up to 13% on fuel costs, study shows.

Gain insights into your fleet fuel use and identify ways to improve efficiency.

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Smart Load Board

Get customized results tailored to your needs and preferences so you can find relevant loads faster.

Motive’s Smart Load Board shows recommendations based on your unique preferences. No searching required.

Access tens of thousands of loads from trusted brokers like J.B. Hunt, Echo Global Logistics, and Arrive Logistics.

Every load listing shows pickup and drop-off times, commodity, and weight. All the facts you need to make the best decision for you.

View and book loads for free from the Motive
App or Dashboard. Use the “Book Now” feature to secure business immediately or make an offer through built-in bidding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve partnered with trusted brokers in the industry to offer tens of thousands of loads. New brokers are constantly being added to provide even more selection.

No subscription is required. The Smart Load Board is a free load board available to any customer with a Motive account. Sign up today to begin browsing freight.

If you find a load that you want to book, please use one of the options at the bottom of the load to contact the broker directly about next steps. Depending on what the broker has enabled for their loads, you may see a variety of different buttons to choose from, including Contact, Bid, and/or Book Now.

If you don’t already see the Smart Load Board in your Driver App menu or your Fleet Dashboard sidebar, please follow the instructions in this support article to enable the feature for your fleet.