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What is the oilfield hours-of-service exemption?

There are a few hours-of-service exemptions for oilfield drivers under the FMCSA’s regulations. These oilfield exemptions are as follows.

24-hour restart

The 24-hour restart rule applies to commercial drivers who only transport oil and gas. The exemption states that oilfield drivers can restart after 24 hours as opposed to the 34 hours normally applicable to commercial truck drivers.

Waiting time

Waiting times at well sites can be long, so oilfield drivers are permitted to log this waiting time as off duty. Oilfield drivers can also choose not to count waiting time as part of their 14 hours of on-duty time.

Split breaks

Oilfield drivers can split their break times as long as they take their break in a sleeper berth or sleeping facility at a well site.