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What is HOS compliance?

HOS compliance means abiding by all of the FMCSA rules and regulations regarding hours of service. 

These regulations include the 11-hour (and 10-hour) driving limit, the 14-hour (15-hour) driving limit, 30-minute driving break, 60/70-hour limit, sleeper berth provisions, adverse driving conditions, and the short-haul exception. 

To avoid being placed out of service, drivers must always be prepared for safety inspections. During 3 million roadside inspections in 2021, state and federal agencies found that  21% of vehicles needed to be placed out of service. 

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The purpose of HOS regulations

Hours-of-service rules are federal safety regulations that address the maximum amount of time a commercial motor vehicle driver can work in the U.S., among other things. 

According to the FMCSA, hours-of-service rules help ensure that drivers stay awake and alert while en route. In general, all carriers and drivers operating commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) must comply with HOS regulations found in 49 CFR 395. This refers to the maximum amount of time drivers are allowed to be on duty by including drive time and specifying the number and length of rest periods.