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What is waste management GPS tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is useful for all types of waste management companies. GPS devices are often used to monitor trash trucks, street sweeping vehicles, and other city maintenance vehicles. 

Additionally, waste management fleet managers use GPS tracking to locate other available vehicles in the event that a truck breaks down. 

How can GPS help waste management companies?

Waste management GPS tracking systems offer several benefits to help companies both operationally and financially in areas such as:


Adopting a waste management GPS tracking system gives you access to information that allows you to improve operations like:

  • Whether or not you’re adequately resourced
  • Where all vehicles are at all times
  • Whether vehicles are active or idle

Fuel efficiency

Waste management GPS tracking systems help optimize routes and use fuel as efficiently as possible. As fuel consumption is one of the most significant expenses for companies with fleets of vehicles, making improvements in fuel efficiency will translate to improvements to profitability.  


Large organizations need access to real-time information to make data-driven business decisions. By using waste management GPS tracking, companies gain valuable information like the average time it takes for drivers to complete routes and the ability to find alternate routes for drivers if they need to. 


Waste management GPS tracking systems send alerts when performance or maintenance issues arise, giving companies a better understanding of their vehicles’ health. Companies can reduce repair costs and increase vehicle driving time by getting ahead of vehicle maintenance needs.