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What is the best real-time GPS tracking device?

Finding the best real-time GPS tracking device depends on what you intend to use it for. GPS tracking devices have many common uses, including tracking the real-time location of pets and children, but one of the most common uses for GPS is vehicle GPS tracking.

Characteristics of the best real-time GPS tracking devices for fleets

When searching for what the best real-time GPS tracking device is for your fleet, there are a few key characteristics you’ll want the solution you purchase to have.

Safety as a priority

The best real-time GPS tracking devices make safety a priority before incidents happen. You’ll want to see all your assets on one dashboard, which will help you move from a reactive to a proactive safety approach, making decisions based on the real-time data your fleet tracking dashboard provides you.

Cost-saving technology

Your real-time GPS tracking device should be a reliable tool that allows you to cut fuel costs by finding the most productive routes and identifying locations that most often produce delays. 

Alerts to help prevent big problems

GPS tracking devices provide navigation and traffic data, as well as useful information about vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and driving incidents like hard braking, hard acceleration, and hard cornering. The best GPS trackers alert fleet or safety managers in real time when incidents occur.

Easy-to-use interface

The best real-time GPS tracking device will be easy to learn and accessible on all of your devices. The dashboard should be simple and intuitive.

Excellent customer service

Any GPS tracking device you choose should come with excellent customer support, with engineers dedicated to keeping the technology up to date and free of error. The support team should be available to help you solve any issues you might have with the technology.