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What is the best GPS tracker For construction equipment?

GPS tracking software was first developed by the military and was created to track asset location. Any company can use fleet GPS tracking today, and those in the construction industry have access to the best GPS trackers for construction equipment.

GPS trackers attached to construction equipment track the equipment’s location and collect and send valuable information to construction equipment managers so they can run their operations more efficiently.

What features do the best GPS trackers for construction equipment have?

The best GPS trackers for construction equipment will have robust features to help companies with theft deterrence, time savings, and safety.

When searching for the best GPS tracker for construction equipment, make sure the solution you choose has features that allow you to:

Locate missing or stolen equipment

Companies that experience theft have to deal with costs regarding asset losses and higher insurance premiums.  Theft also causes project delays which can lead to missed deadlines and unhappy customers.

GPS trackers help construction companies monitor all assets in real time and help recover stolen equipment. Also, by alerting possible thieves that trackers are installed on the equipment, GPS trackers can be a theft deterrent.

Streamline workflow and asset allocation

Equipment downtime costs construction companies money. Construction GPS tracking allows your fleet to know an asset is becoming available before it happens, so you can utilize it right away. At the same time, since you can track all of your assets in real-time, you always have a complete picture of what your needs are on every job site.

Prevent misuse of vehicles and equipment

Most companies have policies against personal use of construction equipment. Personal use of company vehicles and equipment increases your liability and results in higher insurance premiums if incidents occur.

The best GPS trackers for construction equipment will tell you exactly where and when unauthorized asset use happens.

Streamline your construction fleet management strategy

While it may not be a common occurrence, there are times when crews aren’t on the job site when they should be. GPS tracking for construction equipment can give you a real-time map of your vehicles, drivers, and all of the assets related to a specific job. 

GPS tracking can also help construction companies track the hours their crew works, which is helpful for billing purposes. GPS technology can track the hours crews work based on their arrival times at job sites.

With this real-time tracking and insights into construction equipment, operational efficiency improves. This improvement helps companies get ahead of delays and reduce operating costs. Reducing downtime and increasing productivity will also help companies improve client relationships.