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What is telematics GPS tracking?

Telematics GPS tracking is a method to monitor vehicles, equipment, and assets using GPS technology.  This information generally includes vehicle location and activities, driving behaviors, and real-time engine diagnostics. Below are examples of more data points provided with telematics GPS tracking: 

  • Vehicle maintenance issues
  • Real-time vehicle and asset location
  • Vehicle usage
  • Fuel consumption
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Hard braking
  • Hard cornering
  • Vehicle idle time
  • Speed

How does telematics work?

Generally, the telematics device is connected to the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port with a SIM card. Collected data is communicating to a central server by using a modem via wireless network. 

Upon receiving the data, the server displays it through a secure website, allowing the end user to analyze the data and make more informed decisions to improve fleet efficiency. 

Why fleet managers need a telematics device

Fleet managers see telematics as a major key technology to run their operations, providing vital features for improvement in areas such as: 

  • Safety. Telematics tracking provides data points that can be used to improve driver safety. For example, the device can provide in-vehicle coaching, driver behavior reporting, tracking stolen vehicles and incident notifications. 
  • Improved customer service. With real-time GPS tracking, trip reporting and routing tools, fleet managers can improve productivity and help fleets provide better service to their customers while keeping them well informed. 
  • Improved delivery times. Telematics tracking allows for fleet managers to track their drivers, and accurately determine when their drivers will arrive at their destination. 
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. With telematics, fleet managers have real-time location tracking and monitoring. With historical data, managers can identify the best and most efficient routes, speed up deliveries, and minimize fuel expenditures. 

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