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What is GPS Tracking for Field Service?

GPS tracking for field service allows fleet managers to monitor their employees’ schedule and vehicle activities. Providing a better way to manage field service fleets, GPS tracking solutions provide real-time status and location and ETAs that improve operations and customer satisfaction. 

Advantages of GPS tracking for field service

GPS tracking for field service has many advantages such as: 

  • Saving fuel by tracking and reducing unnecessary idle time. GPS fuel monitoring makes it easy to identify who is idling too much. Many fleets are using the data from GPS diesel monitoring systems to create incentive programs that reward drivers with a bonus for low idling rates. This creates a financial win-win as you spend less at the pump, and they take home a bigger paycheck.
  • Ensuring proper use of vehicles by tracking times that the vehicle is being used. With real-time GPS tracking and location history records, fleet managers will always be able to tell if a vehicle is being misused for unauthorized jobs or personal use.
  • Planning and modify routes in real-time by using GPS tracking to spot any detours. Routes change often due to factors like weather conditions or road maintenance, but by using GPS tracking for field service, companies can view and assess different routes to find the fastest, safest, and most efficient routes for their drivers. 
  • Improving customer retention. GPS tracking for field service helps to improve customer satisfaction and retention by increasing on-time percentage and allowing companies to respond to customers quickly and stay on track with automatic ETA notifications.
  • Reducing labor costs. By utilizing the technology that field service solutions provide, companies can improve processes and create efficiencies in payroll and billing by tracking employee locations, time on jobsites, and idle engine hours.

Preventing accidents and mitigating risks. GPS field service solutions provide the ability to apply automated, personalized coaching to modify driver behavior or take action to remove repeat offenders.