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What is GPS Inventory Tracking?

GPS inventory tracking is the ability to track assets and inventory remotely. For example, with Motive, inventory reports locate lost assets in the field, and eliminate time-consuming searches. Additionally, real-time status updates help fleet managers see where their assets are – in the yard or at other third party facilities. 

The top three ways to utilize GPS inventory tracking

GPS inventory tracking provides vital functionality to companies with equipment and vehicles to keep track of. 

The top three ways companies use GPS inventory tracking are:

Location tracking and alerts

Companies use GPS inventory tracking to determine where a company’s valuable vehicle and equipment inventory is at all times. Inventory managers need only to look at their computers to instantly see the location of each piece of inventory. This gets rid of the need for guessing or time-consuming phone calls to determine asset location in real time. When in comes to vehicle assets, location alerts allow companies to notify customers of accurate delivery times which helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Route planning and analysis for vehicles

When it comes to vehicles, GPS tracking also helps in route planning. Routes change frequently because of weather conditions or road maintenance, but with GPS inventory tracking, companies can view and assess different routes to find the fastest, safest, and best possible routes for their drivers. 

Information transparency and real-time communication

The information provided in real time by GPS inventory tracking systems can be accessed by both customers and internal staff, which guarantees total visibility into inventory location. For vehicle fleets, the use of GPS location allows dispatchers to inform customers when drivers are arriving. This information helps drivers avoid having to use their cell phones or radios to provide updates on their own.