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What is GPS for Semi-truck Tracking?

Semi truck GPS tracking devices are capable of providing many data points. When used in conjunction with fleet tracking software, these devices can monitor driving behaviors that include travel speeds, acceleration and deceleration speeds, braking and turning speeds. 

This information allows fleet managers to quickly address concerning driving behaviors before they become long-term safety risks.  

Additionally, a fleet manager can actively monitor the engine performance of their semi-trucks.  The GPS device can track fuel usage, vehicle activity, engine idle times, and any diagnostics to ensure your fleet receives necessary maintenance before encountering costly repairs. 

What are the main industries that use GPS for semi-truck tracking?

Construction and field service

Fleet managers use GPS tracking in the construction industry for all sorts of benefits, including improving visibility, streamlining communication, and reducing fuel consumption. 

GPS tracking also gives construction companies the ability to monitor diagnostics and optimize asset utilization by always knowing where assets are located, even remotely. 

Oil and gas

In the oil and gas industry, GPS for semi-truck tracking provides companies with real-time data to deliver fully operational visibility. 

Equipment and vehicle GPS tracking sends alerts when fleet vehicles, equipment, and other assets are being used without authorization. Additionally, with GPS-enabled ETAs, fleet managers can know when vehicles are on schedule and notify clients when they can expect arrival. 

Food and beverage

GPS for semi-truck tracking helps companies in the food and beverage industry optimize daily deliveries, easier dispatching, and faster routing.

With GPS-enabled routing along and field insights, fleet managers are given all the information they need to reduce costs and vehicle downtime. 

Trucking and delivery

Companies use GPS for semi-truck tracking to increase asset security, maximize utilization and improve routing.  With improved communication, fleet managers can provide accurate delivery windows and prevent disputes. 

The trucking industry also utilizes GPS technology to protect equipment and vehicles from misuse and theft. 


Motive provides everything an entire agricultural operation needs in one system. With universal connectivity, and real-time updates.

Field drivers can apply GPS mapping systems to help follow a straight line when plowing.