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What is enterprise GPS tracking?

Enterprise GPS tracking is a type of GPS tracking for fleets so that enterprise companies can monitor vehicle assets’ real-time location and activities. 

Organizations of all types can benefit from enterprise GPS tracking, including companies that transport and deliver goods, fleet management companies, and any other company that uses vehicles to operate or provide services.

How do companies use Enterprise GPS tracking systems?

Companies utilize Enterprise GPS tracking in several ways, including:

Gaining better visibility into operations

Using enterprise GPS tracking gives you access to data letting you know whether you’re over- or under-resourced. This valuable data can also tell you how much you’re paying on tolls and violations. For construction companies, enterprise GPS tracking can tell you where equipment is and if it’s active or idle.

Increasing fuel efficiency

By using fuel efficiently, enterprises save money. Because fuel consumption is one of the most significant expenses for companies that manage fleets of vehicles, any improvement in fuel efficiency means an increase in profits.

By optimizing routes with enterprise GPS tracking, companies can ensure they are using fuel in the most economical way possible.

Lowering driver detention time

Enterprise GPS tracking is beneficial when it comes to lowering driver detention time on top of improving efficiency. By monitoring the exact location of a vehicle, you’ll get a better idea of ETA and communicate this to shippers and receivers in advance, which helps reduce detention time.

Using geofencing to provide more accurate information to customers

To gain repeat customers and grow a business, exceptional customer service is necessary. Enterprise GPS tracking with geofencing helps fleet management companies improve the customer experience by providing real-time location information about when a vehicle or shipment has left or arrived at a specific location.

Accessing decision-informing data

Large organizations need access to real-time information to make data-driven business decisions. With the data enterprise GPS tracking provides, fleet managers have access to information like the average amount of time it takes a driver to complete each route and the ability to identify various routes for their trips if needed. 

Lowering downtime and increasing productivity

Getting ahead of any vehicle operation issues is essential in maintaining a healthy balance sheet. If companies invest in enterprise GPS tracking, they can improve fleet performance and keep vehicle maintenance costs low.

GPS tracking devices help companies understand the health of their vehicles at all times by sending real-time alerts when performance problems occur. By staying aware of vehicle health, companies reduce operational expenses and repair costs, and increase driving time and productivity.