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What is automotive GPS tracking?

With automotive GPS tracking, companies who own and manage vehicle fleets can track their vehicles’ location and collect valuable data about each vehicle.  Most automotive GPS tracking systems have tracking devices that are connected to each vehicle’s diagnostic port.

The tracking device connected to the vehicle collects data on the vehicle and sends this information back through a cellular or WiFi network to a dashboard. Fleet managers can then view and interact with the dashboard, allowing them to make critical decisions regarding fleet operations and efficiency based on real-time data. 

Automotive GPS tracking devices collect information like:

  • GPS location
  • Distance traveled
  • Speed
  • Fuel usage
  • Idle time
  • Abnormal braking or turning

Automotive GPS tracking systems use the data captured by tracking devices to create reports and alerts for fleet managers so they can manage their operations more efficiently.

Benefits of automotive GPS tracking

Any company with a fleet of vehicles understands how critical each vehicle is to the company’s operations. Because each vehicle is so important, automobile GPS tracking is a vital tool for continued success.

The main benefits of automotive GPS tracking are:

Asset recovery

If a vehicle is stolen, automotive GPS tracking can instantly identify the vehicle’s location and send this information to law enforcement. The ability to send this information in real time helps companies prevent losses from vehicle and cargo theft.

Vehicle tracking

Automotive GPS tracking lets fleet managers see exactly where each of their vehicles are when they’re on the road. The tracking information allows companies to inform their customers of the exact time shipments or service vehicles will arrive, and if a driver is delayed, companies can let customers know right away and take action to handle the delay accordingly.

Efficient operations

Knowing where vehicles are at all times also aids in more efficient operations. By using up-to-date automotive GPS tracking tools, companies know exactly where their vehicles are, and when cargo-carrying vehicles are loaded, unloaded, or ready to depart for their next destination.


Geofencing is an excellent way automotive GPS tracking helps companies reduce the risk of theft. With geofencing, companies receive automatic notifications about when a vehicle unexpectedly moves from a geofenced location and can respond if theft happens to recover stolen vehicles.

Better customer service

Great customer service sets companies apart from their competition. Automotive GPS tracking allows companies to provide superior customer service to their customers, because they can communicate to customers exactly when a vehicle is on the way, where it is at any given time, and when it arrives.