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What are GPS Tracking Companies?

In addition to being used for personal commutes, GPS tracking is available to help manage commercial fleet operations.

A reliable GPS tracking company should allow the following: 

  • Vehicle tracking on a single dashboard
  • Automated GPS location alerts
  • The ability to accurately create reports containing vehicle activity, and location mapping
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking
  • ETA creation and tracking
  • Geofencing alerts, which allow fleet managers to realize when vehicles have entered and exited specific locations

How do the solutions provided by GPS tracking companies help manage fleet operations?

  • By providing an all-in-one solution. With one integrated solution to manage all of a company’s vehicles, assets, drivers, and equipment, operations are streamlined and workflows easier.
  • By keeping vehicles on the road at all times. Any vehicle that’s not on the road costs companies money.  With constant maintenance reminders and performance reporting, GPS fleet tracking companies maximize vehicle operating time.
  • By increasing productivity. With solutions made by GPS tracking companies, fleets can trace past vehicle performances, track present activities, and predict future operational needs.
  • By protecting equipment. Using GPS tracking solutions, companies can prevent theft and stop the misuse of assets using both GPS tracking devices on assets and geofencing for alerts when assets cross a designated boundary. 

What types of fleet companies use GPS tracking solutions?

  • Delivery fleets – Delivery companies use GPS fleet tracking to ensure seamless delivery services by monitoring vehicle movement and location. 
  • Bus fleets – Bus companies also use GPS fleet tracking systems, route planning, and accurate location announcements at bus stops. This helps to deliver timely transport services to passengers while streamlining fleet tracking management.
  • Other passenger transit companies – Taxis, limousines, and other car services companies use GPS fleet tracking systems to dispatch drivers more efficiently, plan routes, and provide turn-by-turn directions as well as route, location, and traffic information.
  • Construction fleets – Construction companies can improve fleet management operations using GPS tracking solutions for real-time asset monitoring, theft prevention, and asset recovery.