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Do local commercial drivers need an ELD?

Yes. The ELD mandate applies to most commercial vehicle drivers, with only a few exceptions to the ELD rule, which include:

  • Drivers who are operating under short-haul operations are exempt for CDL and non-CDL vehicles and aren’t required to keep record of duty status (RODS). Time cards can be used in place of ELD. 
  • Certain driveaway-towaway operations in which the vehicle being driven is part of the shipment being delivered or in which the vehicle being transported is a motorhome or a recreational vehicle trailer. 
  • Commercial drivers who maintain RODS for eight days or fewer in 30-day rolling periods and short-haul drivers who occasionally take longer trips. But if you exceed the short-haul exemption more than eight times within 30 days, you’ll need an ELD for the rest of the cycle. 
  • Drivers of motor vehicles manufactured before the year 2000.