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A long-haul driver is a professional truck driver who transports goods or products over long distances, typically across state lines or even across the country. These drivers ensure that the goods they are transporting arrive at their destination on time and in good condition. They must follow strict regulations set by the Department of Transportation to ensure safety on the road.

Long-haul drivers must be skilled at navigating through various weather conditions, traffic, and road construction, all while maintaining a safe and efficient driving pace. This requires physical and mental preparation as the job can often be exhausting and require great levels of concentration. Long-haul drivers also spend long hours on the road, often several days or even weeks away from home. Sometimes, long-haul drivers also work in teams to share their responsibilities.

To become a long-haul driver, individuals must obtain a
commercial driver’s license (CDL) and undergo specialized training to operate large commercial vehicles. They must also meet specific age, health, and driving record requirements. Still, there is great diversity among long-haul drivers. For example, the number of women drivers continues to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Long-haul drivers are professionals who transport goods over long distances, typically between several cities or even countries. They spend extended periods of time on the road, sometimes weeks at a time, and are responsible for ensuring the safe delivery of the goods they are transporting. This job requires a high level of skill, endurance, and attention to detail.

Commercial fleets are currently facing a
driver shortage, which means there are many opportunities for long-haul drivers.

A long-haul driver is responsible for transporting goods over long distances. The job requires driving for extended periods while adhering to safety regulations and maintaining communication with dispatchers. Long-haul drivers must also perform routine vehicle inspections, keep accurate records, and ensure timely delivery of goods.

A long-haul trucker can also be called an interstate driver or an over-the-road (OTR) driver. That’s because these individuals transport goods over long distances, typically driving large commercial trucks or semi-trailers.

Ensuring the cargo they transport is delivered safely and on time, long-haul truckers play a crucial role in the
shipping and logistics industry.

Long-haul trucking offers benefits such as competitive pay, independence, and the opportunity to travel. However, the job involves long hours on the road and is physically and mentally demanding. Individuals will need to weigh lifestyle preferences, job satisfaction, and work-life balance in determining the value of this essential role in the supply chain.