Knowing where your drivers and vehicles are at all times is critical for effective fleet management. Until recently, that has required installation of dedicated GPS location tracking devices with significant upfront investment and high monthly fees. What if you could track your drivers and vehicles in real time without the proprietary hardware and high cost?

With the latest update to Motive, you can do just that. The Motive Electronic Logbook app for Android and iPhone collects drivers’ GPS locations at regular intervals. Fleet managers can view all of their drivers’ current locations on an interactive map in the Motive dashboard for fleets.

GPS Location Tracking with the Motive Electronic Logbook
GPS Location Tracking for fleets with the Motive Electronic Logbook

Motive also lets you view an individual driver’s breadcrumb location history for any prior day. You can replay the driver’s day by dragging the time slider.

Breadcrumb GPS Location Tracking History with the Motive Electronic Logbook.
Breadcrumb Location History with the Motive Electronic Logbook

To protect driver privacy, Motive only shows location data when a driver’s duty status is set to driving or on duty.

As always, we would love to hear what you think about the new location feature in the Motive dashboard. If you have any questions or comments, email us at