Will the ELD mandate still stay on track now that Donald Trump won the presidency? This is one of the growing discussions that the people in the trucking industry are keen on finding out.

When you think about it, there is value in revisiting this subject considering how adverse the impact would be for the trucking industry should the ELD mandate be cancelled.

While the possibility of facing unexpected regulation changes are certainly present whenever new leaders are elected, it is highly unlikely for the new ELD mandate to be rescinded.

The ELD mandate is here to stay

The mandate was initiated by the Congress itself even with a strong Republican majority in the house. To think that the Congress would go against its own actions would be truly far-fetched.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just recently issued a decision in favor of upholding the ELD mandate even with all the objections pointed out by the OOIDA (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) also adds to the credibility of how solid the case is for the ELD mandate to be followed.

These are the OOIDA’s arguments:

“We now turn to petitioners’ five arguments for vacating the 2015 final rule: (a) ELDs will not record enough information automatically; (b) the rule fails to protect drivers sufficiently from harassment; (c) the rule’s benefits will not outweigh its costs; (d) the rule fails to protect the confidentiality of personal data collected by ELDs; and (e) the rule violates the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.” – United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit

Another point that needs to be stressed is how the new administration’s focus is on jobs, healthcare, and immigration. These sectors would take too much energy, time, and resources to straighten out that the administration won’t be able to give the trucking regulations enough attention.

The benefits ELDs and the ELD mandate bring

Because the ELD technology is fairly new to the trucking industry, it isn’t surprising to see why some companies and drivers are resistant to using it. After all, change is hard to accept especially when the stakes are high.

The trucking companies who took the time to use the ELDs and experienced its benefits first-hand are quite ecstatic with its results.

These are just some of the benefits that the trucking companies and their drivers can enjoy when using the ELDs.

  • The company’s maintenance costs are drastically reduced.
  • Their trucking company’s CSA scores improve because they won’t have to worry about form & manner violations and outdated logs. And don’t forget that an outdated log violation carries 5 points. ELDs completely take these violations out of the equation.
  • Electronic logging devices enable trucking companies to monitor their truck’s condition and performance from afar and help them improve their fuel efficiency. There are several economic benefits of using ELDs.
  • ELDs help companies with their HOS and ELD mandate compliance.
  • Shippers and brokers want to work with trucking companies who have ELDs installed in their trucks. Therefore, trucking companies with ELDs end up having a distinct advantage over their competitors who aren’t using the ELDs.
  • CMV drivers won’t have to worry about wasting their time filling out their Duty Status reports or maintaining logs. They can focus on what they do best, driving.
  • ELDs will make drivers more productive. Instead of drivers rounding off their time to the nearest 15 minutes, electronic logging devices enable CMV drivers to round their time to the nearest minute. It results in more logged time and more money for drivers.

There are a lot of amazing benefits that ELDs and the new ELD mandate bring. With ELDs, trucking companies and fleets will be able to optimize the way their businesses operate. And CMV drivers will be able to focus more on driving, instead of wasting valuable time on maintaining logs and doing tedious paperwork.

What’s next?

Because the new administration is highly unlikely to have any adverse impact on the ELD mandate, the December 18, 2017, deadline for qualified fleets to transition to ELDs remains unchanged.

If you don’t have any ELDs installed in your trucks yet and you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to prepare for the ELD mandate’s deadline, then you can reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.