Stay compliant and save with Motive’s VEDR AI-dash camera.

  • Motive is the preferred VEDR-approved vendor for Service Providers.
  • Use Motive AI Dashcam to stay compliant and modify risky behaviors instantly. 
  • Motive has the fastest, most accurate AI dash cam among leading providers.
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Why choose Motive?

Motive’s VEDR-certified AI Dashcam ensures driver compliance and immediate risk reduction. With the industry’s fastest and most accurate AI dash cam, powered by cutting-edge AI processing and advanced computer vision, Motive offers unmatched visibility into vehicle status and automates critical operational processes. Motive stands as the sole fully integrated Operations Platform with AI automation at its core.

AI accuracy

Detect unsafe driving.

Motive’s industry-leading AI Dashcam excels in performance and video quality, independently verified as up to 4x more successful at detecting unsafe driving behaviors and generating real-time alerts.

  • Precise detection of unsafe driving behaviors.
  • False positives eliminated by the Motive Safety Team.
  • On-the-spot access to camera footer for exoneration evidence.
Full fleet visibility

Real-time GPS insights.

Get unparalleled visibility into the location, utilization and health of your vehicles.

  • Ensure drivers are on schedule and share ETAs with customers.
  • View telematics data like speed, direction, and fault codes.
  • Get vehicle location updates as fast as every two seconds.
KI compliance

A VEDR designed to help keep you compliant.

Monthly Key Indicator (KI) reports are dispatched to Service Providers to communicate compliance status, indicating either a pass or fail. Additionally, Connectivity Reporting is shared on a weekly basis to ensure VEDR functionality without camera obstruction.

Quick installation

Simple self-installation within minutes.

97% of Motive customers opt for self-installation, helping to reduce operational burden. Our user-friendly guides keep drivers focused on the road, minimizing distractions from their dashcam setup.

Unmatched customer experience

Customized support for the entire fleet.

Access dedicated support tailored to your needs and challenges as a Service Provider. Benefit from a responsive and knowledgeable team that understands your unique requirements.

Benchmark report

A study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute reveals Motive’s AI Dashcam successfully alerts drivers to unsafe driving behavior 86% of the time, 3-4x more than the latest models from Samsara and Lytx.

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The brand that businesses trust

Our AI-powered, integrated platform is just the beginning. Motive’s award-winning hardware and best-in-class service supports customers through user onboarding, training, and deployment.




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Frequently asked questions

Motive is a safety technology vendor offering VEDR for LH and P&D businesses operating under a contract with FedEx Ground  (United States and Canada).

Motive offers fleet safety technology and a video event data recorder (VEDR) in the form of a dual-facing dashcam.

To learn more, review the ‘How does Motive Partner with FedEx?’ article in the Motive Help Center.

Upon authorization by a Motive customer, Motive shares Key Indicator (KI) data with FedEx Ground every month.

For us to share this data, Motive needs the business’ FedEx Ground Contract ID and Entity ID. Please send us an email at to get this set up. 

You can view New Key Indicator Reporting in the Reports tab of the Motive Fleet Dashboard with the title FedEx Ki – Breakdowns.

There are 4 Key indicators:

  • Distracted Driving: Use of handheld electronic devices or looking down for 15 seconds.
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt: Any person in the vehicle
  • Speeding: 10mph (US) / 15 km/h (CAN) or more over the posted limit for more than 10 minutes.
  • (P&D): Failure to Stop / Incomplete Stop (Linehaul), Following Distance ( < 3 seconds)

To learn more, review the ‘Report and Manage FedEx KIs’ article in the Motive Help Center.

Motive’s global support team provides 24/7 customer service and is accessible via chat, email and phone, as well as a Driver App, Fleet App and Fleet Dashboard chat. We also have a comprehensive Help Center that makes it easy to get fast answers to any questions you may have. Our reliable customer support has lead to our 97% customer satisfaction rating, and has earned us recognition in Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards.

Motive proactively protects drivers and bottom lines with AI Dashcams with HD footage for visibility into incident investigations and to exonerate drivers to prove innocence and defend against litigation. Our video clips default to 15 seconds, which our customers love as they can see what happens both before and after the event is captured.  Along with clear video footage, we provide personalized, timely feedback to drivers on critical unsafe behaviors. We also enable safety managers to maintain a record of coaching activity. Our in-house safety team reviews every event to allow safety managers to prioritize which drivers need coaching the most.

The Motive Vehicle Gateway plugs into all standard 9-pin, 6-pin, and OBDII diagnostic ports. Additionally, if you are using a model year 2013 or newer Mack or Volvo truck, Motive provides a special cable harness. We also provide Y-cables so you can hide the cabling behind a trim panel.