Asset Gateway Solar: Installation and support

Select your preferred setup to watch video instructions or scroll down to see more installation options.


Getting started


Get fleet admin credentials

If you’re managing the entire Asset Gateway Solar installation process, you’ll need to be setup as a fleet admin in your company’s Motive Fleet Dashboard. An existing fleet admin can help you attain these credentials.


Download the Motive Fleet App

Log in with your fleet admin credentials.

Note: If you do not have access to the Motive Fleet App, skip to Step 4.


Go to the Devices tab

Follow the in-app instructions that guide you through installing your Asset Gateway Solar. Once complete, skip to Step 8.


Log in to the Fleet Dashboard

Be sure to use your fleet admin credentials when logging in.


Select an asset

Either add a new asset or edit an existing asset from the Assets tab of the sidebar menu.


Assign your Asset Gateway Solar

Use the serial number (printed on the side of the device) to assign your Asset Gateway Solar to the chosen asset.


Install your Asset Gateway Solar

Refer to the support article below that matches the install method you’ve chosen for your Asset Gateway Solar.


View your asset live on Fleet View

Once the Asset Gateway Solar is fully set up, you’ll be able to track your asset on both the Motive Fleet App and Motive Fleet Dashboard using real-time location updates.

Installation support articles

Choose your preferred setup to view the relevant instructions.

Solar powered

Install the Asset Gateway Solar in less than 10 minutes using the device’s solar panel. No cables needed for this setup.

View article
Cable powered

Install the Asset Gateway Solar using Cable-4020 to connect to either a 7-way connector or a switched ignition power source on trailers/reefers.

View article
Thermo King reefers

Install the Asset Gateway Solar using Cable-4020 to connect to either a 7-way connector or a switched ignition power source on trailers/reefers.

View article
Construction equipment

Install the Asset Gateway Solar using Cable-4020 to switched ignition power source on construction equipment.

View article

Understanding LED behavior

The LED indicator on your Asset Gateway Solar uses light to communicate its status. Note that the LED will light up briefly when either motion is detected or the device is powered on for the first time.

Solid green

Device is working properly.

Solid red

Poor cell connectivity. The device will transmit data once a cellular signal is restored.

Blinking green

Firmware update in progress.


No LED activity during installation of Asset Gateway Solar

Learn about what you can do if the Asset Gateway Solar LED does not light up during installation.

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Why is Asset Gateway Solar’s LED light green?

Learn about what it means when theAsset Gateway Solar LED light is solid green.

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Asset Gateway Solar Low Battery issue

A guide on how you can fix your Asset Gateway Solar if it is having low battery issues.

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