On-demand webinar

3-Day Crash Course on Safeguarding Your Fleet in Litigation

Best practices and dash cam adoption approaches to help defend against reptile attack and nuclear verdicts. 

Duration: 1hr each


Webinar Details

Reptile attacks and nuclear verdicts are on the rise. Learn how to combat litigation targeting commercial vehicles and the role of dash cams can play in your defense strategy. Get practical tips on how to navigate courtroom trends, litigation nuances, data management practices, and proactive policy structuring for legal victories. 

You’ll learn from Scopelitis’ legal representatives and transportation consultants, as well as insurance leaders, safety managers, and Motive regulatory and technology experts.

You’ll learn more about:

  • Part one: Essential Pre-Adoption Dashcam Considerations
  • Part two: Best Practices for Successful Dashcam Adoption
  • Part three: Proven Strategies for Litigation Defense with Dashcam Adoption