On-demand demo

Accident prevention with Motive’s Driver Safety solution

See the power of 4x more accurate AI in action

Duration: 1 hr


Webinar Details

See the unmatched capabilities of the Motive AI Dashcam and AI-powered Driver Safety solution, powered by the most accurate AI in the industry, 

Motive has helped prevent 90,000 accidents in 2023 alone, helping 120,000 fleets build safer, more productive, and more profitable operations.

You’ll see how our solution can:

  • Easily identify safety performance trends and seize driver coaching opportunities in the Motive Dashboard
  • Use in-cab alerts to help drivers self-correct in the moments that matter most
  • Empower your drivers to review their safety videos and Safety Score in our award-winning Driver App
  • Manage safety on-the-go with the Motive Fleet App
  • Customize your safety event uploads, in-cab alerts, and Safety Scores to suit your specific program needs