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On-road in-cab camera performance testing: Results from an independent study

Live walk-through on VTTI’s benchmarking methodology

Duration:  1hr


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The ability of an in-cab camera system to alert quickly is a serious requirement that should be data-backed and proven. With worsening road conditions and economic slowdown, safety leaders can’t risk making poor purchasing decisions.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) conducted a comprehensive test that examined the performance of on-road driver monitoring systems from three leading vendors: Lytx, Samsara, and Motive. The study aimed to evaluate the performance of dash cams in alerting drivers and fleet managers of unsafe driving behaviors. The 3-week test looked at a variety of driving behaviors and conditions, including time of day and camera position.

You’ll learn more about

  • How VTTI designed their AI testing methodology
  • Results of their driver monitoring system study
  • The comparison of Motive’s AI processor compared to top competitors