The GPS-enabled Smart Dashcam

Detect distracted driving and automate coaching with the AI-powered Smart Dashcam.

22% fewer accidents
56% fewer safety incidents
72% exoneration via dash cam
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Track your fleet and assets — live.

Detect distracted driving

This Smart Dashcam uses AI to detect and alert on dangerous behaviors like distracted driving and tailgating.

Automate driver coaching

The DRIVE risk score identifies high-risk drivers and shows the behaviors they need to work on. Drivers can watch their own videos and track progress with an easy-to-use app.

Reduce your insurance costs

Use Smart Dashcam footage to expedite insurance claims, reduce insurance premiums, and avoid a verdict that could end your business.

Install in minutes

Install in less than 10 minutes without the help of a mechanic. Save time with built-in driver training and by offloading issues to our 24/7 support.

The Smart Dashcam trusted by fleet managers.

4.7/5 rating on TrustPilot

24/7 technical support

Trusted by over 120,000 fleets and 1 million drivers