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West Coast Distributing reduces Hours of Service violations with Motive.


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Meet West Coast Distributing

West Coast Distributing is a meat and produce hauler operating out of the east coast. With a fleet of 57 refrigerated vans, West Coast Distributing is dedicated to providing quality service to its customers.

Needing a solution for Hours of Service Violations


West Coast Distributing (WCD), a popular meat and produce hauler on the East Coast, knew it needed an alternative solution to paper logs when its drivers routinely received Hours of Service violations.


But WCD felt like it was doing everything right. The company even bought a fancy log auditing scanner promising to protect its CSA score. WCD Safety and Compliance manager Keith Buchanan explains, “Sure, our log auditing system would catch our drivers’ mistakes. The problem was, our drivers wouldn’t submit their logs, so there were no mistakes to catch!” So the violations kept rolling in.



Searching for the right platform


Buchanan felt like it was his responsibility to remedy the situation. He needed something that would give him constant access to his drivers’ logs, especially while they were on the road. His fleet had considered electronic logs, such as Qualcomm and PeopleNet, in the past. But they were too expensive, and they didn’t look easy to use. “With drivers, simplicity is always key. So, they tabled the discussions until they found something that suited their compliance needs from A to Z,” recalls Buchanan.



Perfecting log auditing with better tech


After comparing different compliance solutions, Buchanan found Motive. “It was easy to use. It was a beautiful application. It was affordable. It was perfect.” He jumped in and signed up each of his 57 drivers on Motive. After a short Motive training session, his drivers became experts on the app. After months of using Motive, his safety record has been spotless.


Most importantly, Motive gave the entire WCD staff the confidence that Hours of Service violations were a thing of the past. Buchanan even wrote letters to his customers informing them that WCD had revamped its compliance efforts by using Motive. And they paid attention. “Anytime you can improve safety while keeping an eye on your bottom line, your customers notice. Motive allows us to do this without making any sacrifices,” concludes Buchanan.



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