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Why Sierra Mountain Express switched from Rand McNally to Motive.


El Dorado Hills, CA





Meet Sierra Mountain Express

Headquartered in Northern California and established in 1988, Sierra Mountain Express (SME) is a leader among the independent auto transport carriers. SME has expanded to over 275 exclusively leased owner operators and company-owned drivers working out of 20 plus new vehicle distribution centers throughout the United States transporting over 850,000 vehicles per year. The company’s partners include General Motors, Tesla, Ford, BMW, and many other industry leaders.

Switching to a cost-effective ELD that drivers love


Sierra Mountain Express was an early ELD adopter who had used Rand McNally for years. When Rand McNally required a hardware change, SME decided to see what today’s ELD market had to offer. The company evaluated five ELDs with the goal of finding a modern, easy-to-use solution at a fair price. Motive was the clear winner for its simplicity.


And the drivers loved making the switch to Motive. Safety Manager Eric Stallings says, “Our drivers that were on Rand McNally prefer Motive hands down. Those who had never used an ELD were surprised at how easy it was, even those who are older and not as tech-savvy.”



Simplifying operations and support


Motive’s intuitive technology has also streamlined SME’s back-office operations. “Our back office staff likes Motive 100% better,” explains Stallings. “With Rand McNally, we had to go through a long drop down and complex series of clicks just to see a driver’s logs. With Motive, you click a button, and there they are. A well thought out design.”


And when the office does need support from Motive, the company’s reps are easy to get ahold of. SME didn’t like that other ELD companies were only willing to train one person who was then responsible for training the rest of the SME staff and drivers. Motive will train and support anyone, no matter how simple or complex the request, and that’s what SME was looking for. “The support is 100x better,” begins Stallings. “In the past, we had limited hours and had to wait 30 minutes to speak to a person. With Motive, the support is 24/7. We simply call in, hit two, and immediately get on the line with a rep.”



Trusting Motive as a long-term partner


Stallings had used Motive at a previous company many years ago. He loved the simplicity. At that time, Motive was mostly just an e-log app. Fast forward to today, Motive is now a full fleet management solution.


“Each new feature Motive has added is simple and built with the user in mind. This gives us tremendous confidence about the future of this platform and the execution of the product roadmap the company presented at our last Customer Advisory Board meeting,” says Stallings.


“My experience with Motive has been nothing but positive,” concludes Stallings. “Not only is the system user-friendly, but the support is second to none.”



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