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Pronto Delivery automated IFTA reporting with Motive.


Arlington, TX




34.7 hours/driver


Meet Pronto Delivery

Based in Arlington, Texas, Pronto Delivery has a strategy and culture of doing business that focuses on creating the best experience for the customer. But putting the customer at the heart of the business requires more than just words and good intentions. The company believes that execution, repetition, muscle memory, and accountability must be combined in order to succeed.


Because the company leases some of its trucks, ELDs are frequently moved. With J.J. Keller, this process was difficult and time-consuming. Pronto Delivery couldn’t reassign the ELD to a new vehicle on its own and had to call in. This prompted Pronto Delivery to see what the modern market had to offer.


William Brown, Pronto Delivery’s HSE Manager, had previously used Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Fleetmatics, and J.J. Keller in his career. So Brown helped the company evaluate six ELDs. They ultimately chose Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, for the easy installation and simple reassignment process.

Easy-to-use driver app

“Our drivers were blown away by Motive’s ease-of-use and simplicity. They also love the DOT inspection mode lock feature. They’re much more comfortable during inspections knowing that the DOT officer can see what they’re required to display, and nothing else,” says Brown.

Faster driver training

“There has been a complete 180° change in the back office,” explains Brown. “I would literally spend four hours in J.J. Keller on administrative tasks every day. With Motive, I spend about 5-10 minutes on the same tasks. Finding and correcting issues is much easier.”

Better customer support

When calling into J.J. Keller’s support line, drivers were often referred back to Brown. Here’s what Brown had to say about the difference with Motive:

“Motive support walks the driver through the resolution directly, often with no involvement from me. I’m getting quite a few less phone calls from drivers now. Our drivers are pleased with the support they’ve received.”

Simpler IFTA reporting

IFTA reporting can be a burdensome process, especially when you lease or rent trucks. Pronto Delivery calculated that the company was losing 34 hours and 40 minutes a year per driver to manual work such as paper trip sheets.

“We love the IFTA feature. We’ve been able to automate and streamline most of the reporting process with Motive,” said Brown.

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