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Miller Expedited Freight protects drivers with Motive.


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Meet Miller Expedited Freight

Miller Expedited Freight was founded in 1998 by Louie and Joann Miller. Louie started out in a six-pallet cube truck, and Louie and Joann reinvested their profits into growing Miller Expedited Freight. Today, Miller Expedited Freight is a rapidly growing expediter moving freight over the roads and through the air.

The right tech can make all the difference


Miller Expedited Freight, a company with over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, needed a way to improve driver coaching and the safety practices of its fleet. After evaluating several vendors, Miller found a solution in Motive’s AI Dashcam and ELD solution.


“I love how the Motive Smart Dashcam integrates with the Motive ELD and how the camera works,” said John Haverstick, safety manager for family-owned Miller Expediting Freight.


“The ROI on the camera is phenomenal, which makes my boss happy. The camera will pay for itself in a short amount of time if just one of our drivers has an accident that’s not his fault.”


With digital proof of what happened, you avoid exorbitant attorney fees, long-drawn-out court cases, and extensive insurance investigations.


“The reliability of Motive’s products is second to none,” John said. “We used the app on our phones before the ELDs and our drivers like both.” Miller decided to test a single Motive AI Dashcam before outfitting its entire fleet. John researched 60 different brands of dash cams, and Motive came out number one.


John wanted to start with one system and move it around into several of the company’s trucks to see how it works in his different vehicles. It was also his way to introduce the AI Dashcam to his local haulers and over-the-road drivers and see its benefits.



Drivers understand the value of dash cams


Before piloting the Motive AI Dashcam, Miller’s drivers didn’t have any type of recording system. If an event (hard cornering, hard acceleration, or hard braking) or accident occurred, management had to rely on the driver’s description of what happened. Human memory is imperfect, but you can’t argue with video footage. It can prove innocence or guilt without a doubt.


“A year ago, our drivers didn’t want cameras in their trucks because they thought they were too intrusive,” said John. “After seeing the Motive Smart Dashcam at work, they now realize a camera can save their backsides when it comes to incidents or accidents.”


In addition to viewing an incident the identical way a driver sees it, John has also detected other safety concerns because of the camera’s footage. Miller’s drivers had complained that certain facilities were a safety hazard for entering and exiting their docks. The dash cam revealed they were right. These facilities had very tight quarters for maneuvering tractors.


“Now we don’t send our tractors to those facilities anymore,” said John.


Miller’s drivers have changed their minds about dash cams and now want them. They’ve seen the positives and realize the value of the camera.



Dash cams generate new training opportunities


Drivers at Miller are on board with the fact that their dashcam footage can be used as a tool to improve their driving habits through coaching. John was able to pinpoint a driver who needed coaching. “I knew this driver tended to hard brake and hard accelerate,” said John.


After putting the Motive AI Dashcam in his truck, the driver realized his errors. He slowed down and had fewer hard brakes and hard accelerations.


John explained, “The camera was installed to protect the driver, not to discipline him. Other drivers also learned from his video footage and knew they could learn from what the dash cam reveals and move forward.”


The result was what John had hoped for.A driver who is now more conscious of his actions.



Attentive customer service creates a great partnership


Liking a company’s product is only the first step to investing in it. You must also feel valued as a customer. “Because of Motive’s dedication to helping us do what we need to do and because it gets issues resolved,” says John, “I recommend Motive’s fleet management solutions to others all the time.”


John looks forward to a continuing relationship with Motive and its future technology that will help Miller Expedited Freight monitor drivers and upgrade telematics.


“I’ve offered suggestions to Motive and seen many of them come to fruition. I feel like I have a voice. Now Motive has put me on its customer advisory board.”



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