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How a 1,000-vehicle fleet simplified compliance for its drivers and managers.

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Kansas City Limousine trusts Motive for ELD compliance.


Kansas City, MO


Passenger Transit

Meet Kansas City Limousine

Kansas City Limousine, LLC is a leader in premiere private passenger transportation. Located in the Kansas City area, KCL is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and reliable transportation.

Discovering Motive


When the ELD mandate was released, KCL did extensive research and discovered that some of its vehicles needed to comply.


Some of KCL’s drivers had previously been using the free Motive Logbook app to replace its paper log books. It was this group of drivers that told Jerry Albert, General Manager at KCL, LLC that he should take a look at Motive.


“Right from the start, it was obvious Motive’s customer service and communication was phenomenal. The other companies just didn’t seem as on top of it,” says Albert.


Another key factor in the decision was Motive’s simplicity and minimal learning curve.



Getting started quickly and easily


When the time finally came to roll out the new ELD solution, both Albert and his drivers found the transition to Motive smooth and simple.


“The installation and set up process is quick and easy. Everything worked correctly from the very start, and it was a really smooth transition.”


Based on his experience with Motive, Albert had some parting advice for others looking to install ELD solutions. “Look for exceptional customer service and driver ease-of-use. Once you narrow down the options, put a few in your vehicles and test them out to make sure the provider can back up their promises,” recommends Albert.



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